Feature: Zora Barisic

Madame Deficit Antiques

Chest Waist Corset Hips Height Weight
Imperial 43.5″ 34″ 30″ 40″ 5″5′ 150lb
Metric 110cm 86cm 76cm 101cm 164cm 68kg

GGotW: How did you get into modeling?
ZB: About three years ago, I was asked by photographer Gore Play to model. He liked the way I looked and especially liked my creative direction when it came to setting up shoots and concepts. I had never really considered modelling but had always been interested in performing and creative arts since young. I don’t actually consider myself a “model” as such. Modelling for the sake of modelling doesn’t interest me. Artistic concepts intrigue me and being a part of the creation of art is what interests me and Gore Play and photographer Peter Kelly who I also have recently worked with, really understood that.

GGotW: What do you do for work?
ZB: I don’t have a stable job as I’m currently pretty busy studying at university, majoring in history and literature. I run a small antiques business online, Madame Deficit Antiques and Curiosities and freelance as a costume milliner and wig maker, so I often only work when people approach me for work.

I’ve applied for a floristry course so I’m hoping that eventually as a florist I’ll be able to have a stable job, seeing as though my uni majors are probably not going to get me a practical job any time soon!

GGotW: Where do you sell you stuff?
ZB: Mainly online so via Facebook, eBay and Gumtree.  I’m finally starting to build a name for myself as a milliner and wig maker so now and then I’ll have people approach me out of the blue to create something for them. I’ll be moving to selling at Melbourne vintage markets soon.

My dream is eventually to have a physical store to sell my antiques, costume millinery, wigs and possibly include my floristry skills!

GGotW: Tell me about your band.
ZB: I’ve been involved with Ashendusk for around 8 months.  We are a doom metal project which was originally started by Alister Haskell.  We have 2 singers, 2 guitarists, one bass player, one keyboardist and a drummer as well as me, the cellist.

I’ve played classical music since I was three as my father was a classical musician so being able to play the cello in a non-typical sort of way is really great creatively (Apocalyptica has really inspired me musically!).

I’ve found that often people are skeptical about a cello’s place in a doom metal band but we tend to explore the melancholy, romantic and beautiful side of metal, which a cello’s tone is great to portray.

Demo by Ashendusk

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