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Country Croatia
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GGotW: How did you start modeling?
VMt: I started mostly by accident. I was playing around with a friend and a bunch of costumes, and it all kind of grew out of that. A shame I lost touch with that friend. We had such fun together!
Of course, I have almost everything to thank Tajana Stasni, a great friend who asked me to model for her shop and her fashion shows!

GGotW: What do you do when you’re not modeling?
VMt: When I’m not modeling I work in an office as a case manager. I am also attending university again. I used to study ethnology and the German language, but I switched to a different university and now I am studying computer engineering. I also love to play computer games, read, or spend time with my loved ones. I am also a columnist for the Altvenger magazine.

GGotW: Who are you favorite bands?
VMt: Oh that is a horribly difficult question! I never really think of bands in terms of favourite. I guess it mostly depends on the mood, I am an old school girl deep down, so you can always find some Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus or Siouxsie and the Banshees in my music player. I am also very fond of Sopor Aeternus, ORE, Deine Lakaien, VNV nation…and oh, Abney Park, of course!

GGotW: What photographers do you work with the most
VMt: One of my favourite photographers is Marija Buljeta, we have been working together for years now. Izidor Tachkowsky is also someone I enjoyed working with, he is always telling a story, and I enjoy being a part of it!

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