‘Witchy Goths’ Submissions Open!

September Issue: Witchy Goths

Submissions are now open!

Submissions are now open for our September issue and we know that you’ll love the theme as much as we do! For all the witches out there that requested it, we’re making a ‘Witchy Goths’ issue! Feel free to submit an editorial or some pictures to use in our articles. We’re always happy to receive other submissions like articles, so don’t hesitate to contact us as long as you’re keeping it witchy  😉

Send your material to gothicandamazing@gmail.com in low res and if you get accepted, we’ll request the photos in 300 dpi and more than 1 MB, so make sure you have them before you submit. Deadline is July 20, so take your time to organize your shoots and amaze us! =)