Elise Laurenne

Elise Laurenne hails from Toronto in Canada and she enjoys sewing, dressing up and stealing my heart. She’s also a host on the news channel Naked News! Now that’s an unusual job.

Elise is a very alternative girl with tats and loads of piercings and she also has a super toned body that’s just perfect for cosplay, as anime characters are generally very small waisted and big chested. Check out her cosplay photos below and decide for yourself if she’s a perfect cosplay body shape?

Follow Elise on her official Instagram, TwitterFacebook and check out her hottest cosplay pics below (I also threw in some of her selfies just because they’re really hot!).

Elise Laurenne Cosplay Photo Gallery

Super Sonico:

super sonico cosplay by Elise Laurenne

Mary Jane Watson from Spideman:

Mary Jane cosplay
Photographer: Davey Ang photogrpahy

sexy selfie by Elise Laurenne

Mary Jane sexy cosplay with Spiderman
Image source: Sean’s Photography

super sonic cosplay costume

Harley Quinn:
Harlee Quinn cosplay
Image source: Colin Douglas Gray Photography

Mary Jane ass cosplay
Image source: Photographer Zer0guard

sexy selfie elise Laurenne

Black Cat:

Black Cat cosplay by Elise Laurenne

bikini selfie by Elise Laurenne

Elise Laurenne cosplay

And to finish here’s one of her blogs:

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