Al Jourgensen’s Sugical Meth Machine: Review & Interview

Al Jourgensen’s Sugical Meth Machine

Al is back, this time with Surgical Meth Machine a new project not under the Ministry banner, though the end result is something not too far removed from the land of rape and honey. There is more punk and less metal in the mix with songs like “Gates of Steel” carrying more of an “Anarchy in UK” feel set against a multi-layered party chant.” This is contrasted by the album winding through more jarring segments that might remind you more of the Revolting Cocks, with samples playing a dominant role cruising through break beats until “I’m Invisible” closes out the album with a David Lynch like take on trip hop. This Al’s voice sound great when He decides to take a stab at actually singing. But enough of my thoughts on this project, I caught up with Uncle Al himself and got his thoughts on what makes Surgical Meth Machine.

Where do you see Ministry ending and your new project Surgical Meth Machine beginning? Did the banner of Ministry seem to confining for you?

Al – None of the above. Over the course of the last decade I’ll block off four months of studio time & record idea building up. It’s like taking big shit so I’m not constipated. I’ll go back and listen and think that’s good for Ministry, or that’s good for Rev Co. or Jello would love that maybe we’ll do another Lard album. This one was what the fuck we do this? Then people started saying that’s awesome you have to put that out, and then the record label guys started saying “that’s killer it has to be released”, then the next thing you know, I wake and I’m talking to your ass. All because me and my engineer Sammy sparked a few fatties and started playing around with machines making some beats that are faster than a tweaker’s heart beat.

While this album is very electronic, but has a warmer sound to it than most electronic music today. I don’t envision you sitting in front of two monitors full of pro tool plug ins, so what was the recording process like for this?

(Laughs) It was me sitting at two monitors full of Pro Tools plug-ins. I did all the guitar tracks and bass and Sammy who is the other half of Surgical Meth Machine took care of beats. We took turns with the vocals. We named the project Surgical Metal Machine, because with just the two of us standing around a console it was very surgical.

How big of an inspiration of your late partner in crime guitarist Mike Scaccia for this project?

He was an inspiration to the point, that before he died we were recording “Beer to Eternity ” Mike said “we should try some really fast shit”, then he died of heart attack. A few days later I’m at his funeral, then the next week was right back to mixing beer to eternity. It was a really hard time for me because not only did I lose a band mate, I lost my best friend and little brother of thirty years. Then Sammy and I were talking and He said, “Lets go back in studio and try some of that shit you, me and Mikey were talking about.” Then we got really stoned and we failed miserably. We’re just eating take out pizza and recording some weird psychedelic shit.

Seems like it would be difficult to pull off night after night on tour, so what are your plans after the album drops in April?

No tour, I wouldn’t tour with one new album. You might as well stay home listen to the album, watch videos and get high, instead of spending a bunch of money for to watch old white farts. If we ever do another then maybe. It would be a challenge for old white fat fucks best comedy on Broadway. But that’s not to say it ain’t going happen, I learned to never say never. It wasn’t supposed to be a record in the first place. I’m glad people like. After this is I’m done with my promo sexual duties, no tour or photo shoots. I’m surrogate mother paid to have some else’s kid. I did my part.

Nuclear Blast is releasing this April 15th.

Submitted by Wil Cifer