Interview with Constraint


Symphonic/Alternative Metal from Italy

This amazing symphonic metal band has been founded in March of 2011, In Modena, Italy. They music is powerful and very strong, but on the vocals is an amazing girl whose light and such a pleasant soprano reminds me of an Elves and their lovely songs. Their first album “Enlightened By Darkness” has seen the light in February this year and you can find it on their website, but now I’m going to chat a little bit with their lovely vocalist – Beatrice Bini.

1. What is your biggest inspiration in creating such amazing music?
An Instinct, fantasy and emotion above all. Every band member has different musical tastes, so we have a lot of influences that inspire our music, such as: symphonic metal, classical music, progressive rock. We try to fuse them together and to find new ideas, in order to create our own style.

2. How long have you all “cooked” and prepared this album?
Since 2012 we started composing and playing our own music, but we were very young and we didn’t think that one day we could have released a “real” album. During the years, we went on working on our songs and they became more mature, thanks to our experience, a change of drummer and the collaboration of two talented guest members (flutist and violinist) in some of the songs.

3. I saw the video for the song which has the same name as an album “Enlightened By Darkness”, so can you tell me are you planning to do more videos or you’re going to wait for the next album or single for making of the video? 
In these months we’ll release another video of a song in this album. Can you guess which one? πŸ™‚

4. Tell us little bit about the history of the band? How did the five of you come together and founded the band and what inspired you to do that in the first place?
The current drummer and bassist came later, but three of us (keyboardist, guitarist and me) started playing for fun and passion for music. We were friends and we wanted to spend our free time playing together. We were 14-15 years old and we just wanted to try to form a band. Then, we grew up as musicians and individuals, we changed some members, so the band turned into a ‘serious’ project, not only a hobby.

5. Who is band’s biggest influence and inspiration in creating these beautiful songs?
Nightwish played an influential role in our music. But every member of the band listens to a lot of different musical genres…for example: our drummer’s favorite band is Tool! We all like classical and progressive rock/metal music. This is our ‘common denominator’. In the next album we’d like to experience something new and experimental πŸ™‚

6. I know that your career is wide and that you are professional classical singer, so please, can you tell me little bit more about your musical education and your projects and bands beside this one?
My first approach to music was the study of the French horn when I was little. I started singing when I was 14 years old. I always loved music but I didn’t understand how to sing with my “real” voice, because I tended to copy other singers and I was very, very shy…so, I took my first lesson.  Then, my teacher gave me the passion for classical music, musical and symphonic metal too. I started singing Nightwish, Epica and Evanescence songs because my voice was perfectly suitable for this genre. Then, she suggested me to enroll in Conservatory, which, for singers, is possible only from the age of 16. So I did it and I started studying hard. I began singing with Constraint at the age of 15. I sing in another band too, a tribute to Final Fantasy soundtracks called “Chocobo Band”. I started playing there at 18. I recently joined “Vivaldi Metal Project” too! I am working at some other projects and collaborations, which I will publish in the next months.

7. Besides your singing career, I know that you are a model as well. Can you share some details about the modeling part of your life?
I’m not a professional model, for now. I do it sometimes because it’s fun and I like visual arts, so I join many projects. I started with a friend of mine which saw me singing on the stage and asked me if I wanted to be the model for her photoshoot. So, I thought, why not?
For me it’s also a way to express myself, because, besides singing, I think that the “stage presence” is really important. Years ago, I was very shy, but activities such as singing, acting, dancing and modeling helped me a lot to express my real personality and to become more self-confident.

8. Can you share some details about your personal life? How would you describe yourself?
Apart from Conservatory, I’m studying Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bologna. One of my biggest wishes is to travel around the world. I have and always had a great thirst for the knowledge, I’d love to know other cultures by “experiencing” them.
I also love Philosophy, science and all the kinds of art. I often go to art exhibitions and to concerts, some big, but especially gigs of underground bands that play near my city. When I go out at night, I quite always go to music clubs. I describe myself as a very determined, almost stubborn person. When I set a goal, I always give all myself with a lot of efforts in order to reach it. I am a fierce spirit, but I always try not to become arrogant, because I think that humbleness is one of the most important qualities for an artist. I also try to find a balance between my rational and irrational side.

9. Which one is your favorite music genre and what do you listen when you simply want to relax, close your eyes and just breathe?
I like a lot of genres, I think that my favorites are symphonic, progressive and melodic death metal. When I want to relax, I like to listen to folk music, for example to Loreena McKennitt, or sometimes to jazz music.

10. If you could choose one famous singer with whom you would have a chance to sing a duet, who would you choose be and what would you sing?
Mikael Åkerfeldt! I am in love with his voice (and with him too, haha). Maybe “Face of Melinda”! It’s one of my favorite songs by Opeth.

11. Who is your biggest support in your impressive career? Who gives you strength to keep creating this beautiful music?
My friends, my boyfriend, my father. They always give me advice thanks to their experience. My fans also support me a lot on social networks with nice comments about me and my bands. But the biggest moral support comes from the people who attend my concerts, because I find the interaction with the public very important. It gives me all the adrenaline and energy I need. When you see a lot of people at your gig, you feel rewarded for all your efforts.

12. The other Constraint members also have their own projects or bands? Are they as busy as you? πŸ™‚
My drummer has a lot of bands and he studies Physical Engineering. The keyboardist is also a tricking athlete and teaches in gyms. The guitarist studies Informatics Engineering and is also a karate black belt. My bassist has a great passion for arts, especially films, and when he ends the school, he wants to learn to play new instruments, such as saxophone.

13. Do you have some plans for this year or for the future that you would maybe like to share with us or simply “feed” us with small hint? Where can we see you perform these days?
On Sunday I perform with Chocobo Band in a music club called “La Tenda”. In May I’ll play some gigs with both Constraint and Chocobo and in June I’ll sing in a classical concert in my Conservatory. But I’m working on a lot of other projects that I will share with you soon πŸ™‚ 

14. We came to the end of this amazing interview. It was more than a pleasure to chat with you, so what would you leave as a message to your faithful fans and our dear readers?
Thank you very much for this interview, you are very kind and supportive as always. It was a real pleasure to answer to your beautiful questions. Sure! I want to say thank you to my fans and the readers, I will always share with you my artistic projects, in which I put all my passion and soul. I cannot live without music, it’s my life. Hear you soon and, if you’re curious, follow my band and me on social networks.


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