Punk Rave

Punk Rave

Punk Rave, Style for awesome people!

Founded in 2006, our web shop is mainly engaged in distribution, development  and wholesaling Punk Rave brand . Our main collection is inspired by Punk, Gothic lolita and Visual kei clothes from Punkrave brand. Our product  include T-shirt, Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, Jackets, Pants, Sweaters and Accessories. We have our own designing team, which can guarantee the originality of our styles. Our guarantee can ensure the quality ouf our clothes and provide OEM services. Main brands are: Punkrave and Pyon Pyon.

The idea of Punkrave brand is to create a style which is different from all the traditional styles and matches with the new generations, thus cultivating a culture of alternative style. This brand have been appreciated by customers from everywhere in the world.

High quality, complete satisfaction of customers, good commercial credit an incessant innovation are what we pursue.

With Punk Rave, we wanted to associate Japanese fashion such as visual kei clothing, gothic lolita dresses and more underground western fashion such as punk style or gothic clothing in the same place.

Our first influence is of course Punk style because we believe “Punk is not dead!”.

Our second influence is the Gothic style ! Long black lace dresses through corsets, you will find the perfect gothic clothing from Punk Rave.

Our third influence is of course Gothic Lolita ! This style comes straight from Japan, and any fan of this style must have a gothic lolita dress. This is great, from Punk rave, most of our clothes are gothic lolita dresses!

Our final influence: Visual kei style ! How to offer Japanese fashion without offering visual kei clothing ? This style, really rare in shops or on the internet, deserves its place in our Punk Rave shop. Fan of Dir en Grey and X Japan, you will find the perfect visual kei clothes here.